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Learn how to accurately plan your spending and know how it influences your investment future

Investment Property Experts

Grow your wealth, gain more time freedom.

Every Client is Different

We’ll check out your financial situation and goals and help with your own personal strategies for success.

Forecasting Decisions

Make educated and accurate financial and investment decisions that have been proven to produce the results and secure your future.

We Walk Our Own Talk

As active property investors ourselves, we provide tried and tested strategies, relevant to the market.

3-Step Investment Strategy

Only purchase under market value, with an upside for growth and neutral to positive cash flow.

Learn Directly From Experts

We know how to build successful property portfolios, minimising risk, maximising returns and making investing easier.

Reports at Your Fingers

Access financial reports of your spending and investment portfolio online and at your fingers.

Do you need better control of your spending?

We are your solution!

Follow These 4 Steps To Being a Handy Investor


Handy Spending

Spend within your earnings, pay off debt faster and improve lifestyle.


Investment Forecasting

Plan ahead for your future and see your money working for you.


Action Steps

See each step ahead clearly and at a glance with peace of mind.


Consistent Recaps

Coaching and mentoring from expert investors who walk the talk.

Learn how to spend less then 10 minutes a week managing money?

Spend Planning

Learn the secrets of the wealthy and the amazing technology that makes managing your money easy.

Mortgages & Loans

Watch your liabilities disappear with our debt reduction system without sacrificing life.

Property Investing

Create your own investment portfolio that makes you money and not just a tax deduction.

Coaching & Mentoring

Become an expert property investor with our Handy Investor team backing you with practical experience.

Take control of your future with our free mapping session Book a Free 2hr Mapping session, we will create an investment strategy map to help you plan your next move, show you strategies on how to hold a property when times get tough, talk about risks and concerns so that you can make an informed decision. Before you make this appointment please make sure if you are a couple or part of a partnership that both of you can attend.